Anodized profiles

anodirovannyy-profil-dlya-shkafa-kupe_1Anodic oxide coating on aluminum is widely used in various fields of human activities. This became possible due to the unique properties of the coating.
Properties of anodized aluminum:

    • Anodic aluminum oxide coating serves as a corrosion protection and a basis for painting. The combination of the organic layer of paint with anodized coating extends the service life of profile to the maximum period (10 years or more) and provides protection in case of the damage of the paint layer.

Colors of anodized aluminum:
Electrolytic or “colored” anodizing is achieved by means of various solutions, such as nickel salts, cobalt and tin. The range of colors is limited, from the silver and black, to various shades of gold and bronze. Another method of coating the aluminum surface is absorption. The name is given according to anodic coating’s capacity to absorb colorants. This method makes it possible to obtain a wider range of “colored aluminum”, but the coverage is less durable than the one of electrolytic anodizing.

Application of anodized aluminum:

  • Anodizing is used as the mean to avoid soiling of hands and clothes, as it happens while contacting the “raw” aluminum. Anodizing is necessary if the product presupposes human contact. Various handrails, handles, railings, ladders and stepladders, sports equipment, aluminum parts for transport – is only a small part of what requires anodizing.
  • Anodized aluminum is used in the manufacture of projector reflectors, heating reflectors and cooling radiators in electronic devices, including, computers.
  • Anodizing of the inner surface of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, aluminum pistons of internal combustion engines is used in order to reduce friction and to improve wearability of working surfaces of the details.
  • Aluminum anodizing is used in electrical engineering because of its good insulating properties. This property is used in the construction of some types of transformers when there is a necessity to reduce the weight of the product, or if the process is led at high temperatures

LLC “Metsnab” sells anodized profile of the following types: different ranges of angles, tubes, edge and finish profiles, thresholds, special profiles for the automotive industry and others.