Casting alloys

IMG_7544Casting alloys are multicomponent materials of metallic property. They consist of a blend of pure metal and admixtures (alloying elements), which determine the prescribed properties of the casting alloy.
It is worth mentioning that the casting alloy can get variety technical properties that are absent in pure metals. As for sphere of implementation, they are commonly used in production of different molded details. To produce a molded detail, melted alloy is poured into a mold cavity, which corresponds to the configuration of manufactured detail. The alloy becomes solid on cooling and keeps the shape of the cavity. The details produced by this method are called casting.
Among the currently popular methods of casting, the followings are worth mentioning:

    • centrifugal casting;
    • chill mold;
    • pressure casting;
    • sand casting;
    • investment casting;
    • shell mold casting

and others.
Selection of a particular method depends entirely on the requirements applied to mechanical and other properties of the future details, such as: production volume, geometrical accuracy, prime cost, purity of the casting surface, etc. Nowadays, casting alloys are widely used in the production of all kinds of details, which can then be used both at home and in industry. For example, aluminum alloys, due to its light weight, durability, good thermal and electrical conductivity are used in mechanical engineering, instrument engineering, electrical engineering and other industries.
As for copper casting alloys, they can be divided into two main types: bronze and brass. In its turn, the bronze is divided into tin and tinless. Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper casting alloy with the addition of manganese, silicon, lead, iron and others.

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Aluminum casting alloys

1 AK5M2 1583-93 ingots

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2 АК9М2 1583-93 ingots in stock
3 АК9 1583-93 ingots in stock
4 АК9ch 1583-93 ingots in stock
5 АК7 1583-93 ingots in stock
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9 АК12оch 1583-93 ingots in stock
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11 АК7pch 1583-93 ingots


12 АК9pch 1583-93 ingots custom
13 АК12pch 1583-93 ingots custom
14 АВ87 295-98 ingots custom
15 АВ91 295-98 ingots custom
16 АВ97 295-98 ingots custom

Brass casting ingots

1 LS 1020-97 ingots in stock
2 LSd 1020-97 ingots in stock
3 LK1 1020-97 ingots in stock
4 LKS 1020-97 ingots in stock
5 LMcS 1020-97 ingots custom
6 LAGMc 1020-97 ingots custom
7 KMcSKA 1020-97 ingots custom
8 LOS 1020-97 ingots in stock
9 LS 1020-97 ingots in stock
10 М-70 ingots in stock

Casting bronzes ingots

1 BrO5C6S5 614-97 ingots in stock
2 BrO3C13S4 614-97 ingots in stock
3 BrA10G3 614-97 ingots in stock
4 BrA10G3r 614-97 ingots in stock
5 BrA10G3Mc2 614-97 ingots in stock
6 BrO10F1 614-97 ingots custom
7 BrO5C5S5 614-97 ingots in stock
8 BrO4C4S17 614-97 ingots in stock
9 BrO10C2 614-97 ingots custom
10 BrO10S10 614-97 ingots custom
11 BrA9G3L 493-79 ingots in stock
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13 BrO3C13S4 614-97 ingots in stock
14 BrO5C6S5 614-97 ingots in stock
14 BrA10G3Mc2 614-97 ingots in stock

Zinc alloys casting

1 CA4M1 19424-97 ingots in stock
2 CA4 19424-74 ingots custom
3 CAM9-1,5 21437-93 ingots custom